The Self-Discipline of Happiness

It really is amazing how powerful our minds can be. We can make them work for our better or, unfortunately, our worse. The other day I was about to embark on a run with a girlfriend of mine (she’s one of those lucky glass-is-half-full kind of people). Here’s the comparison of our mindsets:

Me (glumly): “Oh no, 6.5 kilometres tonight?! This is going to be brutal.”
Her (enthusiastically): “It’s so nice out! What a perfect night for running!”

Yesterday while making supper for my son another mindset comparison jumped out at me:

Me (to myself): “Night 3 of sweet potato and cinnamon. I’m being such a lazy mom.”
Husband (to son): “Yum!! Doesn’t that look good?”

These small, trivial experiences speak volumes of the power of our mindset and the control, or lack thereof, we can have over our mindset. When unhelpful thinking habits like pessimism and making judgements are your tendency, a deliberate effort is needed to change your thought process. I must surround myself with the optimists, schedule reminders in my phone and place them on sticky notes around my house. My happiness requires self-discipline. There is no other way around it.


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