Habits: On the Road from Bad to Good

Do you have a bad habit that you just can’t seem to kick? I do. Mine is comfort in the form of food. That’s right. This health-conscious girl likes to eat her sorrows away. My go-to is sugar, usually in the form of chocolate. I’ve gotten better over the years and now maintain some of my health standards when self-medicating with food, opting for organic dark chocolate or homemade cookies. However, the thought behind this habit is still the same as the “order-10-happy-meals-and-devour-in-one-sitting” type of binger. That is, when I am feeling blue I often turn to food for relief.

I’d like to break this habit because it never leaves me feeling good. Sure, I might feel distracted for a while but the next day leaves me feeling bloated and lazy. I’d like to replace this habit with a better one, such as calling up a friend or taking a long walk. I believe there is truth to the saying “chocolate therapy”. I like the idea of venting to a trusted friend over a warm brownie sundae (am I the only one drooling right now?). Even so, turning to food when I am upset is a habit I’d like to change because it doesn’t help solve my problems. First of all, I don’t have the best will-power when I’m feeling sad so a little treat turns into sugar-overload. Secondly, once I’ve binged on sugar I’m still left with the negative feelings I started with, yet feel even more incapable of dealing with them because I’ve fallen back to a habit I was hoping to avoid.

If there was a grand scale of bad habits, this particular habit of mine would fall quite low on the scale. Big or small, though, bad habits are hard to break. That’s why I’m writing about mine today. Including people in your journey is one of the most effective ways to achieve the results you want.

“A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit.”
– Desiderius Erasmus


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