A Plea to Keep Going

There is a common occurrence in all of my personal journals – a long span of time when I didn’t write at all. When I have an idea or want to start a new habit the original passion keeps me going. Then, when my interest wanes or the ideas run out I let go of my initial dedication. What I am desperately trying to teach myself is the importance of sticking with a habit even when it has become difficult or dull. Writing is my creative outlet, without which I become a bored, uninspired person. My mind may not be overflowing with novel ideas and my fingers might not be aching for my computer’s keyboard, but still I must write. Today I am writing even though I don’t feel like it. Tomorrow I will do the same. And one day I will look back and be happy that I did.

What is your favourite creative outlet? How do you make time to incorporate this in your life?


4 thoughts on “A Plea to Keep Going

  1. I totally agree. Writing is also my creative and emotional outlet. This has been since my very childhood… I love travelling, taking pictures and so on, but none of this is important if I can’t describe it in writing…


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