Sometimes Letting Go is the Next Step In Happiness

How far are you willing to go with your habits? This is a question I’ve had to ask myself lately. Creating new, good habits often leads to the need for letting go. Letting go of things that may not be bad in and of themselves, but things that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. With my goal to live healthily, I am realizing there may need to be things that I give up entirely. One of these things is sugar. I don’t think everyone needs to “quit sugar”. Some people are very good at moderating themselves – one bite of cheesecake at a dinner party can suffice. I am not very good at this. When I indulge I’m usually left wanting more. To achieve the results I want with my health and happiness I may need to let go, entirely, of the hold sugar can play in my life.

Recently I chose to delete the Pinterest app on my cell phone. Not because I think it is stupid – it actually serves as quite a useful cookbook for me. I just realized that I was wasting a lot of time browsing pins and neglecting other things I wanted to accomplish. There is only so much time in the day, and I am happiest when I structure that time around things that are important to me. Writing or reading are habits that are a better use of my time than scrolling through the Pinterest homepage.

Letting go is difficult to do. Especially when it is something we enjoy or something that we’ve formed an addiction around. The first step is realizing whether or not you can handle this thing in moderation or if you’d be better off without.

Is there anything you’ve had to let go to help you achieve your goals and become a happier person?


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