All That Glitters, I Don’t Want to Miss.

I like to reminisce. Most writers do. That’s one of the best rewards from writing – looking back over past writings and being able to relive experiences. Taking pictures is a step in that direction, but to have the actual events translated into words is a beautiful thing. Life goes by way too fast. Tiny yet exciting and memorable events happen but are forgotten too soon and too easily. This summer I’ve spent a lot of time with my 16 month old son. We’ve spent this time doing simple things. Like going to a playground. Visiting friends at their house. Hanging out in the backyard blowing bubbles. I don’t want these moments to float by and never return to my mind because there are amazing things happening. My son is learning new words. He is walking now, becoming faster everyday. He’s growing attached to the family and friends that he is spending time with, calling out their names when we are home by ourselves. Whether I am peacefully away on vacation or just going through life at home, I want to be aware of the tiny miracles occurring in front of me. Being grateful is not an easy task but it’s gold when you cultivate it in your life.

How do you show gratefulness for the little things in your life?


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