Trying to Live In a No Idle Zone.

One of the main downsides to the perfectionist mindset is its’ stalling nature. Things in my life often don’t get done, goals are not achieved, because I am spending valuable time looking for the perfect solution, waiting for the best idea. I am getting better at catching myself in this stalled state. I often don’t realize that I’ve been putting something off, waiting for just the right moment. I am trying to operate by Nike’s motivational words – “Just Do It”. These words can be a perfectionist’s saving grace.

I’ve been wanting to get my son into the idea of eating beans. Do I like beans? No, not really. But I do like that beans can provide important nutrients like iron and protein. I’ve had a can of kidney beans in my cupboard for a while, waiting for the time to come when I figure out just the right way to put them together into a delicious lunch that my son will gobble up. This is a tiny example of me in the stalled state. To counteract this, I decided today to just whip open the can, plop some on his plate with some salsa alongside his noodles and see what would happen. He picked them up. He smelled them. He laughed at me pretending to eat and enjoy them. He threw some on the floor. He broke them in half and squeezed them. But he did not eat them. I, however, am very satisfied. My son is more familiar with beans than he was before lunch, and I chose action over inertia.

Are you able to tell when you’re putting things off and waiting for the “lightbulb” moment? Is there anything in your life right now that would benefit from you taking action?


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