When the Beast of Dullness Strikes, Turn To Beauty.

Sometimes we just need a taste of real beauty. I think it is very important to look for happiness in the small moments of our lives, like a good laugh with your spouse, a new word spoken by your child, a clothesline of clean laundry. But I’m also reminded of the power in experiencing something bigger than these things, like seeing the mountains for the first time, watching a live performance of your favourite band, swimming in the ocean of another country, eating a meal at an expensive restaurant. These bigger moments may be few and far between, but they can have lasting effects on us. Experiencing moments of true beauty such as these inspire us to dream. They take us out of our everyday routine and stimulate our minds in new ways, helping us to think creatively and innovatively.

It is not always feasible to take a trip across the world or visit a Broadway show, but even simple things can bring us closer to these moments of true beauty. Go see the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey and for a couple hours you will be transported to the South of France, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and mouth-watering food.

Keep working to be happy and content with the small moments in life but keep your eyes open for the opportunities to experience the more magnificent things, too. Look forward to true beauty’s ability to energize and motivate you!

What moments of true beauty have you experienced in your life? How did they inspire you?


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