“Do You Want Some Cheese With that Whine?” – A Question For Myself, Not Just My Toddler

There is always something to complain about in life. If you’re anything like me, you often don’t even realize you’re complaining because this negative outlook expresses itself so naturally! I’m trying to push that part of my personality aside because, first of all, no one likes a complainer. I get tired from hearing other people complain so I know for sure no one enjoys listening to me when I’m the complainer! Secondly, complaining gets you no further in life and it certainly doesn’t strengthen your happiness. Why do we complain, then? Well, it’s often easier than to force ourselves to see the good. I hope you’ll challenge yourself along with me to practice gratitude even when you feel like complaining. Here’s what I am thankful for today:

– I’ve found a safe and happy daycare for my son to start attending this week!

– I have a long-weekend camping trip to look forward to before school starts

– I got to enjoy a beautiful bonfire and freshly steeped mint tea last week with my family

Writing those 3 small items down wasn’t easy, to be honest. But viewing life from this gratitude lens is a healthier way to live than being a complainer. I certainly want to be someone people look forward to being around. Unfortunately, I’ve often pushed people away with my negativity, worry, or anxiety. Thankfully I’ve woken up to the fact that a positive outlook and attitude will help me build relationships, both old and new! My smile is one of my best features and I’m trying to use it more often 🙂 


Do you easily get caught up in the complainer’s role? What helps you switch your mindset to one of gratitude? 


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