Why A Perfectionist Needs to Break the Rules

This weekend was an escape. An escape that helped remind me why escapes are necessary in life. I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed about returning to work and putting my son in daycare part-time. I was finding it very hard to let go of my schedule-free summer days. Days that I could enjoy at my leisure with my son, who brings me more joy than anything else. I was feeling bitter about having to say good-bye to him every afternoon. And then we escaped on a little camping trip as a family for the weekend and I’ve returned freshly motivated. I all of a sudden am looking forward to planning my Grade 2 Math lessons. I am eager to see my students’ abilities and the areas where they require my teaching. I’m happy that my son has an adorable little group of friends he will be learning and growing with 3 days a week. Even my eating habits were refreshed this weekend. I ate more refined sugar, flour, dairy, and saturated fats in the past 2 days than I have in the past 2 months. I enjoyed treating myself but am reminded of why I eat the way I do on a regular basis. I’m excited to try out some new raw food ingredients this week as I detox 😉 I learned that sometimes my body and my mind need an escape before they can whole-heartedly take on new challenges. And, as a perfectionist and avid rule-follower, breaking the rules at times is a nice way to build appreciation for the rules themselves.


What are your favourite ways to “escape” and refresh your motivation?


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