How Something As Simple As An Outfit Change Can Help You Stick With A Habit

Habits are so hard to stick with! Just admitting that fact is a nudge in the right direction for me. It helps me feel normal. It helps me be okay with myself even when I don’t measure up to my goals. With all that being said, I still want to expect more from myself. My husband shared a great quote with me recently that went something like this: “Put your running clothes on before you decide whether or not to go running”. I find running really hard to do. I drag my feet every time I’m scheduled to go for a run. After the run, though, I feel great. Lastnight my body felt ready for bed at 6pm, but thankfully I managed to get out the door for a run. I then came home and made a big batch of soup as well as smoothie packs for my freezer. My body and mind always want to take the easy route, so I’m going to try and train myself to take that extra step of action before giving up on habits. This means I’ll grab a pen before deciding whether or not to journal. I’ll open a book before deciding whether to read or watch TV. I’ll step outside with sneakers before deciding whether or not to take my son for a walk. I’ll title a draft post before deciding whether or not to blog. Sometimes that first step is the hardest but the benefits we reap from it are worth the effort.

What helps you get motivated on a habit when you’d rather do anything but?


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