When was the last time you genuinely felt proud? Maybe it’s time!

I’m an elementary school teacher and it certainly is a focus of mine to help my students feel proud of their accomplishments throughout the year. But pride isn’t just for the 6 year old. Last night I completed my first 10 kilometre run and the feeling of pride that overwhelmed me at the end of the run was like a natural high. The run wasn’t an easy one either. The wind was raging in every direction, clouds were spitting rain, and there were multiple inclines to conquer. These challenges only added to the pride I felt when I had reached the end. I’ll dare to say that the last time I felt this proud of myself was a year and a half ago when I gave birth to my son. The best part of all? I didn’t feel the need to tell a soul! I was proud of myself and my friend who ran with me. My confidence came from inside and didn’t require any praise from outside sources. Which makes me think I ought to take on challenges like these more often because of the great self-esteem boost that comes with the accomplishment.


What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of thus far? What is a new challenge you would like to take on or are already working on?


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