When You Want to Scream, But Screaming Just Won’t Do

Do you ever wish you had a punching bag like you did when you were a kid? The kind that is shaped like a dinosaur so you can still laugh while letting off some steam? The other night I seriously could have used one of those punching bags.

Lately I’ve been neglecting supper planning and resorting to scrambled eggs more often than not. So in an effort to have a nice family dinner on the table by 5 pm I spent the precious alone time I had right before work to run to the grocery store and buy the last few ingredients to a special Moroccan Chicken slow cooker recipe I’d recently discovered. I splurged on the organic apricot puree and the certified humane chicken thighs. Then I rushed home to get the thighs browned in the skillet and the delicious tomato and almond butter sauce ready to pour on top. After plopping it all in the slow cooker I hurriedly rushed to work with only a few minutes to spare. By the end of the day I was driving my son home from daycare feeling proud of myself for having a delicious dinner cooking at home with the side vegetables ready to be roasted. I was also thrilled that I could spend the next hour playing with my son rather than having to scramble around the kitchen throwing together some sort of supper for all of us. When we got home I eagerly went to the kitchen to check the meat. I soon realized, though it was plugged in and turned to the low setting, my slow cooker was not on. Something was wrong with the outlet and it was not emitting power. There were my 2 pounds of chicken thighs, still raw as could be, sitting in a pot of cold sauce. There they had sat for the past 5 hours….

After a desperate Google search on how long raw chicken can sit at room temperature, the whole batch went into the garbage.

What do you do when all you want to do is scream and throw a good ol’ toddler tantrum?


7 thoughts on “When You Want to Scream, But Screaming Just Won’t Do

  1. Oh my goodness!! I might say quite a few choice words, eventually decide to “let it go”! Definitely would need my husband’s humor! I do hate that when it happens. Hope you did what you needed to do!


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