How I’m Learning to Find Happiness On My Side of the Fence

Where on earth did “the grass is always greener” mentality come from? It’s absolutely absurd, not to mention completely joy-robbing, yet I catch myself in this mindset a lot. I feel bitter about having to return to work part-time because I’d rather be spending my days with my son. But I take a glance around and there are moms all around me working full-time who are unable to spend their mornings with their children as I am. I complain about having to drive out of my neighborhood, where I also work, for my son’s daycare. But there are moms who sit in traffic 5 times as long as I do to pick their children up from daycare. I envy beautiful homes with expensive furnishings even though I know many people would be thrilled to live in my house instead of their apartment. On paper, it’s clear that I have much to be grateful for. Unfortunately my brain isn’t hardwired to think logically all the time. Hopefully by continuing to write about gratitude it will make its way into my life more often.

What about you – have you caught yourself thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? What do you do to help yourself stop envying and start enjoying what you have?


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