Want to Know the Best Way to Show Thankfulness?

This post is not an easy one to write. It is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, and a beautifully sunny one at that. The golden trees beg to be written about, as do the cozy family times that are filling up our weekend. Right now, though, I am thinking about other things that need to be said. I’ve written extensively about the learning curve I’ve been traveling on over the past year. But with those areas of growth I’ve experienced comes the confession of those areas in my life that still, continually, demand my attention. They are areas that may not affect me directly, but which affect those closest to me. I may not be intrinsically motivated to work on these areas because the change doesn’t strengthen my happiness as much as, say, taking time for the hobbies I love like writing and walking. But these areas affect the happiness of those that matter most to me and for this reason I am focusing today’s blog on them, as a source of accountability for myself. An alcoholic may enjoy the act of drinking – it brings them peace and comfort for a short while. But the thoughts and behaviors that result from these poor choices ruin the relationships in their lives. I am not an alcoholic and thankfully have never felt controlled by alcohol. But the underlying fault of alcoholism and any of my own selfish choices is the same. The focus is only on ourselves.

Even though the sun is shining today, the sky couldn’t be any bluer, and I have yet another turkey dinner to look forward to, I want to remember those areas in my life that require my continual focus and willpower. Those areas that, when neglected, can greatly take away from the relationships in my life. By being willing to put the needs of others above myself I am truly showing the love that I claim to have for them. For me, that is the highest sign of thankfulness.

“Almost every sinful action ever committed can be traced back to a selfish motive. It is a trait we hate in other people but justify in ourselves. ” – Stephen Kendrick


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