It’s Time to Look Yourself In the Mirror and Say…

What if you woke up every day and told yourself how awesome you are? Someone who overhears you might think you’ve got an oversized ego, but that is besides the point. I think a little positive self-talk can go a long way yet it’s an underused strategy in my life. I use this type of self-talk when I’m running and feel like i’m about to die but desperately do not want to quit. I also used this type of self-talk when I was giving birth to my son. If I didn’t force myself to have confidence in my abilities, I don’t believe I would have been able to deliver my son naturally or finish my first 10 km race on the weekend. I use the word “force” here purposefully. It’s easier for me to feel down on myself than it is to be confident. I don’t think this is the case for everyone, but I don’t have a lot of natural confidence to my personality. Confidence is something I have to work at, and it can be as simple as telling myself “You got this, Andrea” before I head to work for the day. When I take a step back and look realistically at my life, I am actually very good at what I do. I’m an educated teacher, a devoted mother. Despite these facts, I don’t often feel this way about myself. Seizing the day, for me, often means telling myself that I can do the things that I set out to do.

I love the scene in The Good Wife when the main character, Alicia, is asked why she looks so happy one day at the office and she replies with “Oh I just realized I am really good at being a lawyer”. If I approached my work with this same level of confidence, my productivity would skyrocket.

Maybe I just need to start my day with the same words that the maid Abileen says to “baby girl” in The Help:
“You is kind, you is smart, you is important”.


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