Where I Ramble About Mess and Order

I wrote my last blog entry from the couch of my friend’s apartment. I was babysitting their son while they went out for the evening. Well, it was more like house-sitting as their little one was already asleep when they left. The minute I was left alone in their apartment I felt extremely relaxed. I didn’t have a bottle of wine to enjoy by myself and I didn’t turn on some jazz music and paint my toenails. But, for some reason, I was feeling more relaxed sitting on their couch that night than I had felt in quite a while.

I concluded that my environment was playing a key role. First of all, it was like a little mini vacation. I was out of my usual space so there were no chores glaring me in the face or other distractions for my attention. Sitting on the couch was really my only option. Second, my friends’ apartment is a perfect example of feng shui principles. Their decor is modern and simple and creates a peaceful energy. There is no clutter and everything has a place.

This night challenged me about my own mission to simplify my home. There are multiple rooms in my house that are bursting at the seams with things that should be purged. I don’t want to seem ungrateful for what I have but I crave simplicity. De-cluttering is a huge undertaking. Even just tackling the kitchen “junk drawer” is something I’ve put off for months. My hope is that with baby steps each area will be cleaned, organized, re-energized. I’ve felt this type of peaceful energy in quite a few different spaces and I think it’s about time to create it in the place I spend the most time!

On that note…any suggestions for getting started on this annoying but rewarding task?


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