How I Survived A Week of Grey

You know those weeks where you just seem to wake up on the RIGHT side of the bed every morning? Well, this week was not one of those weeks. Sadly and shockingly two Canadian soldiers were killed on home soil. The weather was gray and gloomy. Each day was a struggle for energy and calm when anxiousness and sadness pervaded the air. What did I do to get through?

I made sure to have lots of quality floor time with my son. At the end of an exhausting work day nothing felt more right than laying down on the mats in my son’s play area and watching him build towers and make puzzles.

I cooked. Putting a complete supper on the table for all three of us doesn’t always happen. This week, though, stepping into the kitchen for an hour after work and assembling a chicken dinner was very soothing.

I journaled. At night when all I wanted to do was crash on the couch, I first opened my journal and wrote. I filled many pages this week which was a proactive way to deal with any emotions that were lying under the surface.

I scheduled some “me” time. During an afternoon off from work I allowed myself a couple hours at the mall without any feelings of guilt.

Most importantly, I didn’t let my mood get the better of me. I used to let my mood define me. If I woke up feeling cranky, crankiness ruled my day. If I was upset, my sadness dictated my actions. I am better than that now. Not perfect, just better. This week I opted for humor when dealing with irritable students. I chose patience over anger. I tried to look at the positive of each day, like being able to enjoy a free Yoga class with a friend, instead of giving in to tiredness and pessimism.

This week brought on strong emotions for a lot of people. What helps you cope during weeks like these?




One thought on “How I Survived A Week of Grey

  1. I would do many similar things; cooking, playing with grand-children, watching light hearted funny movies, laughter with friends, exercise, add gratitude and thankfulness to God, which helps me get my perspective back. That’s my track!


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