Each Day I Choose To…

Lately I’ve been catching myself doing things that I shouldn’t be doing.

Like scrolling through Twitter. Or reading a news article. Or cleaning the kitchen. Or watching TV. Or lesson planning.

These things aren’t wrong to do. Cleaning needs to be done every so often. Reading online can be very enlightening. However, as I continue to practice mindfulness in my day-to-day life, I’ve become more aware of doing these things for the wrong reasons or at the wrong times.

I scroll through Twitter because I am tired and want to relax. Mindfulness shows me that reading tweets at that moment is only draining the life out of me even more, and a smarter solution for me would be heading to the kitchen to cook. So I do.

I feel stressed and scrounge the cupboards for something sweet. Mindfulness nudges me to pull out my Yoga mat for some stress-relieving stretching instead. So I do.

I’m cleaning the kitchen because, well, it’s pretty darn messy. Mindfulness tells me the cleaning can wait and my time would be better spent playing with my son before he goes to bed for the night. So I do.

I’m sitting on the couch reading e-mails before I head to work. Mindfulness tells me what I really need is some fresh air and exercise and I’d feel better getting outside for a walk. So I do.

Each of these small decisions is a step away from those things that make my life feel uninspiring, complicated, monotonous, stressful, and a step towards the things that matter most to me. Each of these small decisions put my health and happiness at the forefront, helping me to be the best person I can be.

When you look back on your day or week, how much of it was just going through the motions of things that don’t energize you? Are there things in your life you’d like to say no to in order to free up time for the things that you care most about? What needs to happen so that you can yes to these things?


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