One Breath Is All It Takes

“Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that thankfulness is indeed a virtue.”  – William Bennett

My husband and I share the duty of cleaning up our son after mealtime. I certainly enjoy the times he does this instead of me. The task involves a whole lot more than just putting an empty bowl into a dishwasher. Picture a pair of pajamas splattered with multiple globs of oatmeal and squashed banana, plus a highchair that’s been used as a canvas for abstract oatmeal art, plus a floor covered in oatmeal that’s been flung from a spoon being used as a drumstick, not to mention a toddler who needs oatmeal removed from his hair, face, neck and hands. The job is a multi-step process of wipe, rinse, scrub, repeat, all while trying to entertain a squirming child. How easy it is for me to quickly retreat to the living room, and think nothing more of it, while my husband cleans up. My breath, however, signals me to slow down. The pause gives me time to stop in the moment, to see what is happening infront of me. My breath challenges me to be thankful.

In a matter of seconds my attitude can change from self-absorbed or ungrateful to overwhelmed and thankful. Just by focusing on my breath. When we take the time to fully breathe we are slowing ourselves down in this moment before rushing off to the next. It’s amazing what can happen in just one breath.


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