What the Ol’ Phone-in-Rice Trick Has Taught Me About Addiction

In the span of just half an hour the other night, I circled my house multiple times looking for my phone. Each time I was reminded that it was sitting in a bag of basmati rice and shouldn’t be touched (it had gotten wet with water…the rice is supposed to fix that). Why did I continue to search for my phone? Was my son hurt and needed to be rushed to the hospital? No, he was just fine. Did I need to cancel an important appointment? Nope. Did I have a scheduled phone date with a loved one far away? No. I just felt a pressing need to check my text messages. Browse Instagram. Look at my Calendar for the upcoming week.

I didn’t realize how attached I really was to this device until I was forced to set it aside for an evening. I don’t think technology is evil, but using it wisely certainly requires me to be mindful of where my attention is being pulled.

Thankfully my computer was still working that night and I was able to draft a few blog entries…



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