When “Faking It” Is For the Best

Here it is. Today’s the day I let you in on my little happiness secret. You could wake up exhausted in a messy house with a dozen bills to pay and overdue projects for work and this trick will fix your mood in an instant.

You know what you should do when happiness seems like a balloon drifting high out of your reach?

You act happy.

I’ve never been very good at this, but I’m getting better. Some days all my mind wants to do is worry about one thing or another. Is my son eating enough? Is he receiving enough nutrients? Is he socializing? Am I spending enough time with him? Are my students learning? Have I chosen the right career path? Should I be writing more? What if…

And on those days I’ll turn the music up and dance in the kitchen. And I’ll chase my son around the living room. And I’ll watch some Gilmore Girls. And I’ll make sure to give my students lots of hugs and smiles.

Lightheartedness is one of my best plans of attack when I’m viewing life through a worrisome lens. And as one of my favorite characters would say:

“What day is it?”
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
“My favorite day,” said Pooh.

– A.A. Milne



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