Knowing What’s Good for You Isn’t Good Enough

Sometimes I act on autopilot. I feel like a pre-teen succumbing to peer pressure a lot of the time. Only doing things because I see others doing them. I need to start doing things that make me feel better, not worse. For example, I know a hot cup of tea does wonders for me for unwinding in the evening, not a bag of potato chips. Sometimes I find myself craving, or even digging into, the latter, even though it doesn’t help my happiness, energy, or sense of well being one bit. I know journaling and blogging help me feel grounded and content with my life but I often choose to lay on the couch and watch multiple TV episodes instead, which leave me feeling detached and tired.

I think it was when I first started watching Gilmore Girls years ago that I began to drink coffee. Lorelai’s obsession with the drink made it look comforting, energizing, fun. Sometimes caffeine makes me jittery and sometimes I don’t even like the taste. But now it’s a habit, a morning ritual. I don’t think twice before pouring myself a cup and drinking up.

When at a social gathering where people are digging into sweets, I mindlessly do the same. Even though I know in just a short while the sugar crash will leave me feeling tired, low, and craving more.

I hate when I find myself acting brainlessly. Choosing to spend my time on things that might make other people feel alive but which only rob me of energy. There is only so much free time and choices in my life. It’s important to me to choose those things that I know add to my happiness, and to stop reaching for those things that add nothing at all.


Do you find yourself making brainless decisions too? What are they? What tricks do you have to put your mind back into your choices?


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