Why I Quit Running

For the past 5 or 6 years I’ve had a love-hate relationship with running. I started off very enthusiastically, running 4 or 5 km every day. This lasted about a year and then for one reason or another, probably the winter months setting in and running outside becoming more dangerous, my running became more sporadic. Looking back, I believe in a short amount of time I put a lot of strain on my body and it began to shut down. I picked up running every now and then, but it wasn’t until this past summer that I began to run more consistently (a few times per week). A couple girlfriends and I were training for a 10 km run that happened this past October. I had a goal and wanted to keep up momentum so I would be ready for the race. There were days when the run felt great, but more often than not the running was making me feel exhausted. I completed the 10 km race nonetheless and made some great memories doing it. But soon after I decided to take a break. To quit running, indefinitely.

Most of the events in my life I have approached with a very strong work ethic and dedication. Whether it was my elementary school projects that I worked diligently on and completed with extreme detail, my university studies that consumed all of my waking hours, the part-time jobs that I never called in sick for, the teaching positions that had me staying up late every night planning for, or the exercise routines I pushed myself through. At this point in my life what I feel my body saying is it’s time for a break. I still teach and do my best to plan thought-out, detailed lessons, but I stop the planning at 4 o’clock. I still exercise but I choose less strenuous options like yoga, walking, or pilates (which I do with a group of equally-exhausted teachers after work where it often seems we do more laughing than sweating).

Maybe in the future the time will be right for me to start running again. Que Sera, Sera.

Have you ever decided to let go of something that played a significant role in your life? What led you to letting go? Were you able to replace it with something more beneficial for you at that point in time?


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