If Your Holiday Season Isn’t Off To the Most Magical Start, This One’s For You.

Ahh Christmastime. Twinkling lights. Softly falling snow. Hot chocolate. Freshly baked cookies. Shiny ornaments. Stomach flu. Screaming toddler. 3am wake-ups. Broken water heater. Car maintenance. Hmm…life is never perfect is it? You want things to go a certain way, you picture things playing out a certain way, and then something changes. Life happens.

I’m never on-the-ball with my Christmas shopping. I don’t have Christmas postcards in the mail when December arrives. This year, though, I did tell myself that our tree would be up and decorated on November 30th. I was very proud for making that goal. I was happy to be planning ahead for once. Well, our tree didn’t go up on Sunday night as planned. It didn’t go up Monday either. Sickness swept in as did having to deal with plumbers and electricians. Tuesday my husband lovingly brought our artificial tree upstairs and put the lights on. Wednesday it sat in the corner with lights. It wasn’t decorated until late Thursday night when I could muster up enough energy to get off the couch and do something other than watch Gilmore Girls.

Plans are all good and well but sometimes we have to just let go of those plans because life often has a different plan. I’m thankful that we have a decorated tree, hot water to shower in, and a car with a fresh oil-change. My week didn’t play out the way I had anticipated it would but I have lots to be thankful for nonetheless. There may be more days, weekends, or even weeks this season that bring disappointing or frustrating circumstances my way. I choose to breathe. To do what needs to be done. And to enjoy the positive moments when I have the chance.

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.”

– Martha Washington


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