The Now.

I heard a voice ask me 

“What are you doing?”

And I replied

“I’m waiting.”

“Waiting for what?”

“I’m waiting for

the toddler to wake from his nap,

and the baby to fall asleep.

I’m waiting for Christmas to come

and winter to end.

I’m waiting for the dishes to dry

and the soup to be done.

I’m waiting for 

the song to change,

the movie to start,

bedtime to come,

the show to finish, 

the alarm to ring,

my cell phone to charge,

the flu to pass,

my nails to dry,

the fire to dwindle,

the fight to resolve,

the water to drain,

my husband to come home,

the lights to go out.”

And then the voice whispered 

back to me,

“But what’s in your waiting? 

What’s in your now?” 


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