Why I’m using my camera more and Instagram less 

I often find myself rushing to take pictures of the cute things my kids are doing so I can post it on Instagram with a clever tagline. Then a second later I wonder why I feel the need to post this picture online for everyone to see – what am I trying to prove to the world? That I’m a good mom? That I have a happy life? That I do fun activities with my kids? That I look cute today, too? After having this 7 millisecond conversation with myself, I quickly delete the photo and move on with my day. This moment never shows up on social media and it isn’t left on my phone for a future #tbt post. The moment is gone.

I was about to delete one of these photos recently when I stopped myself, realizing how much I actually did want to hold onto this moment (I was nursing my baby to sleep in his room with my toddler at my feet quietly playing an iPad game). These moments are simple, yes, and probably not as Instagram-worthy as the person hiking the Inca trail, but these moment are my life. My everyday. They are the moments that will be completely forgotten but which I will yearn for again one day. Moments I will look back on nostalgically. 

 I’m going to stop deleting these pictures just because I think it’s lame for wanting to immediately post them to Instagram. I’m going to start saving these pictures, but not for anyone else except me. For my future self. To help me remember that yes, I was a good mom, and yes, I did have a lot of fun with my kids, and yes I did look cute that day, too. 

Andrea, you have a new life follower. And that follower is you. 


2 thoughts on “Why I’m using my camera more and Instagram less 

  1. Beautiful thoughts!! But do post pictures for the children’s Nana, privately!, So she can enjoy those moments too!! Give her an opportunity to share in your joy! 🙂 Just a suggestion, of course.


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