When the mail teaches you an important life lesson 

I recently ordered some new toys off of Amazon for my toddler. It’ll take a couple of weeks for the toys to arrive but I decided to tell him that I ordered them anyway. Not because I enjoy listening to a toddler whining for new toys but to use this opportunity to teach him about patience. The line I keep repeating to him is “patience is waiting without whining”. I’ve come to realize that this message is for myself just as much as it is for him.

Being a mom is difficult in many ways. One of the most challenging aspects is the feeling of being trapped. I find it very difficult not to feel sorry for myself and dwell on the fact that I miss the freedom I had before having kids. I’ve made it a habit to resent this lack of freedom and complain about it, sometimes only to myself. 

Just like my 3-year-old, I need to learn how to wait without whining. This is the phase of life I am in. I know this phase will pass and things will get easier. My children will get older and become more independent. But there’s no point in living miserably and ungrateful until that day comes.

I need to remind myself that someday soon my package will arrive with all the freedom I am missing in this stage of my life. For now, I will wait. Living to enjoy the things I do have right in front of me, everyday. 


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