What Eleanor Roosevelt has to say about bravery

I am standing over my stove watching my egg fry in the pan and my kale steam in the pot behind. My husband and friend are in the dining room, lights dim, eating big plates of steaming hot Indian food. I am chilled to the bone, eagerly anticipating the boiling of the kettle so I can mix up the mug of cocoa waiting for me on the counter.

The three of us have just returned from a day of sailing. It had been a perfect day – a brilliant blue sky, strong wind, choppy waters. The boat rocked side to side, up and down, in the large swells. Salt water sprayed us over and over again. My body shivered from the cold and my nerves.

When I spend time so far out of my comfort zone, faced with uncertainty and fear (for this is what the sailing experience offers me), I come home to find warmth and comfort. I make myself a fried egg bowl, a hot drink. I sit at the dining room table with good people. I let the experience sink in. The excitment from conquering the unknown.

I am reminded of these words from Eleanor Roosevelt: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” I wonder to myself what that thing is, for me. I know that finding it will build confidence, bravery. Finding that thing, the thing I think I cannot do, is where all adventure begins.


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