When all you can do are the little things

I am not here to tell you to follow your dreams. But if something is calling to you, answer it. However that might look. Chances are that thing that is calling to you will bring you life. Will wake you up, give you fresh eyes and new energy to see the abundance in the life you have.

This is what writing does for me. I don’t write because it is the best time of my life. There are many other things I would rather be doing when I sit down to write. Sleep, for instance. I don’t write because it gives me some great reward. Like the walk I took just yesterday morning, I write because I know it is good for me. Even though everything in me would prefer not to exercise, would rather stay home and sit on the couch and drink more coffee, I know that I am better off for taking that walk. So I force myself to walk. Not because it is giving me the flat stomach or toned legs I desire, but because walking is better than not walking. And, for me, writing is better than not writing.

Walking and writing are not easy things to do for a lazy person like myself. I resist them. Therefore I must do them. And when I have completed that walk, or finished that early morning journal entry, I can look in the mirror and say job well done. You won the fight against resistance, against laziness, today. And this makes me feel good about myself, even for just that moment.

I believe that as I answer to the call, little by little, I am becoming better. The results are imperceptible right now but they are there. Like my sons who grow day by day, changes that are unnoticeable to me until one day a friend who has not seen them for a while says “Wow, have they ever grown!”.

I hope that I can say this about myself in the future. “Wow, have I ever grown”. Preferably not in reference to my pant size but rather my character, my ambition, my clarity in life, my heart. I hope that by being faithful to these small, daily duties that are calling to me I will, down the road, see how much I have gained from them.


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