What true hospitality feels like

I have this friend who just moved into a stunning home with her family. The house itself is still undergoing lots of construction, leaving her in a daily work zone. Thick layers of saw dust cover her kitchen table and quartz countertops, unpacked boxes live in every room, workers enter her house around the clock. Yet even in this stage of chaos she invites us in.

Our families walk on the beautiful path behind her new home. Trees of yellow and orange arch over us and cover the path with a blanket of colourful leaves. The kids climb over rocks that run alongside a river. The sun is slowly setting and shines through openings between tree trunks. My friend and my husband take turns snapping posed pictures of each family, and candid ones of kids being oh so adorable. 

We return back to my friend’s house to wait for our take-out, while she reheats leftovers from her fridge for the hungry group of kids, pulling chairs from outside and wiping them down to make room for everyone.

What if we all were to be so inviting. Making room in our homes and around our tables even amidst mess and disorder. What if we made it a priority to remember each other even during the transitions in our lives, as chaotic and stressful as they oftentimes are. What if we chose to make memories instead of organize closets.

My friend’s actions made me feel so incredibly valued. That she would choose to invite us into her life even though this brought complication and mess where she was longing for routine and neatness. What if we all chose this same road. Knowing that friendship trumps perfection any day. Remembering that it is the memories that last – not the clean floors. 

What if we all opened our doors wide, revealing imperfection but radiating warmth, saying “Come in. Let’s do this together”.


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