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Elizabeth Gilbert speaks against passion…and I love what she has to say

My 1 year old crawls around the house like an energizer bunny. Chasing sounds, not stopping until he has tracked down that noise coming from who knows where, racing me to open doors – what lies behind there? Crumbs on the floor – what could this be? I wonder what it tastes like? What does this button do? How about this one? He is drawn to anything that is new. His curiosity is exhausting yet breathtaking.

I read this article by Elizabeth Gilbert on curiosity, and watched her speech on Super Soul Sunday.


I love all that she had to say. Probably because I am what she described as a “hummingbird”. So many things sound interesting to me, attract my attention, yet none scream PASSION! DROP EVERYTHING AND DO THIS!


Like so many other areas in my life, my children are my best teachers. Curiosity is what runs their moment to moment actions. Curiosity is all my 1 year old has, really, to guide him. Apart from the times he is hungry or tired, his curiosity dictates each next step.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s book The Signature of All Things began with a tiny, barely noticeable spark of interest in gardening. She was brave enough to trust and follow that spark, and after 3 years of investigating began writing her novel. I am sure her story is just one of many.

The lesson I am trying to let soak into my bones at this point in my life, is one of patience. Of allowing things to take time. There are very few things in this life that come easy. That come as lightning bolts. Most things are more like a good risotto. They take good ol’ fashioned waiting, and plenty of stirring. How do I pursue my curiosity like my life depends upon it, yet, at the same time, be content and patient with the slow process.

I’m trying to tune in more to that voice in me that tells me “Hey, that looks interesting” and being brave enough to follow her.

xo Andrea




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