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A childhood flashback, a reminder for life

The top of her hair was dyed purple. So was the purse slung across her back, the earrings dangling from her ears, and the shimmery nail polish on her fingers. And from beneath her black yoga pants peaked out a pair of purple sneakers.

As she chased around an energetic 2 year old, returning stolen toys with an apologetic smile, distracting tantrums with books and cuddles, purple followed this mother wherever she went.

When I was in grade 6, in the middle of a writing assignment two of my friends laughed at me from across the room, calling me “nerd” for using a thesaurus. No one else in my class was using one. I was most likely taking much longer to complete my assignment than all of my pre-teen friends, but they were probably not experiencing the level of satisfaction that I was with the writing process. Nonetheless, this comment hurt. No one in 6th grade wants this title. I was all of a sudden embarrassed by my love for words.

I want to go into every 6th grade class and exclaim Tina Fey’s words “Do your thing, and don’t care if they like it”! Whether that means adorning your entire wardrobe in purple, or just letting go of the insecurity you feel about your quiet nature (preaching to myself here),   knowing what you like and going with it can be a powerful thing.

I still love a good dive into the thesaurus from time to time. How about you?

xo Andrea




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