Creativity · Faith

Seeing with your heart

There are some things in my life I am curious about. Answers I would like to have, truths I would like to discover. I know my intellect can only get me so far, in certain areas of my life it may just have gotten me as far as it can take me. But I am still curious. I am still longing. And for this reason, I keep writing. I keep listening to my heart. I am trying to stay soft, trying to stay open. Trying to move slow. I think this is so important because I have already seen changes in myself, in my thinking, in what I create, when I do these things, when I let my heart guide me.

Not everything can be discovered through logic and reason. There are some things we need to let seep into our hearts and out of our hearts. This is the only passage for this particular truth to freely come and go. Not through the brain and all of its doubts and fears and contradictions and ideas and morals…but through the heart. The place that sees and hears and understands in a whole different way. I want to use those eyes and ears more often – the ones of my heart.

Because sometimes you need a biologist,

and sometimes you need a poet,

and sometimes you need a scientist,

and sometimes you need a song. – Rob Bell

xo Andrea


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