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In the Name of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies 🙂

When I was a little girl I loved Valentine’s Day. I would plan my outfit carefully, with as much pink mixed in as I could find. I’d spend hours filling out valentine after valentine to give away. My friends and I would take loads of pictures of ourselves at school, giddy from sugar and excitement. For me, the whole day was a celebration of pretty things. Growing up has greatly transformed the meaning of love for me. But I still am a sucker for the pretty and romantic.


We have been snowed in over here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, so there were no roses or diamond earrings waiting for me on the dining room table today (okay, this would be the story had there been a blizzard or not). But I still know how much I am loved. Last week when I was stuck in bed with the flu I woke up to discover my husband had done a late night grocery run after getting the kids to bed. A box of baby diapers had been bought (we were down to just one), along with items for the kids’ lunches that week. My husband shows love in the quietest of ways, if I don’t pay attention I could miss them. But his love is always there, continuously weaving itself into the story of our lives. For that I am so very thankful.


I am following along with Melissa at The Inspired Room. I like her intention to “live a life of more loveliness”. The home pictures she shares are always inspiring and oh so pretty.


The most loving thing I’ve been doing for myself this past week is making a green smoothie every morning. I’ve had the flu twice this month so this is a little step I am taking in boosting my health. My favourite smoothie lately has been a blend of banana, spinach, almond milk, peanut butter, cocoa powder, ice cubes, and honey. The bonus is that this gift benefits my family, too, as there is always enough to share 🙂

I made a batch of these little gems yesterday, which, paired with the smoothie, makes for a lovely breakfast while I sit on the couch in the morning.

I’ve also refrained from the habit I had gotten into of the weekly (okay, sometimes tri-weekly) run to the store to buy chocolate. Instead, I make myself a healthy treat at home – like this yummy freezer fudge.


In celebration of random acts of kindness:

  • Thank-you to the gentleman who stopped his van in the middle of the road before church on Sunday to help guide me as I parallel parked.
  • Thank-you to our dear neighbour who snow-blowed the end of our driveway, twice, during this blizzard.
  • Thank-you to my husband for warming up my car on Saturday before I left for a meeting.
  • Thank-you to my friend for gently telling me to add a “link in profile” comment on my Instagram posts.
  • Thank-you to my 3 year old for saying he thinks I am beautiful.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read about being kind to ourselves and each other as parents, judgements aside.

And one of my favourite quotes…



I hope today finds you content, happy, and inspired in life. If you’re experiencing grief, may you have an ocean of grace for yourself, and my hope is that soon the light will shine through.

xo Andrea





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