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Summer, music, years gone by

I can remember summers gone by based on their playlist.

There was the summer of Spiceworld, when every pre-teen girl knew her Spice Girl nickname (and which one she secretly wished she could be). Then there was the summer before Grade 6 when my friends and I made up a music video to Sometimes by Britney Spears, practicing every afternoon (it scares me that somewhere there is a recording of me lip-syncing this song in my friend’s front yard, dressed scandalously in my Adidas shorts and neon tank top).

Then there was the summer when my husband and I listened solely to Johnny Cash. That was a great summer.


This summer finds me in a season of waiting, of faith-building. I’ve tried to make time for the slow, the quiet, the seeking. The nurturing of my soul. I know in the future, when I reminisce on this phase of my life, the music will bring back fond memories for me.


So without further adieu, here are a few of my favourite listens this summer, some old and some new:

Switchfoot (Fading West//Where the Light Shines Through) – For those mornings when the kids have you up early and you desperately need that extra oomph. Also great for when you need a dose of motivation on your yoga mat – this will definitely get you moving.

Hillsong United (Wonder) – For those quiet afternoons when you want to journal, nap, get the paints out, go for a thoughtful stroll. Also nice during a long car ride when you just need to let your soul breathe.

Johnnyswim (Diamonds//Georgica Pond) – For those late afternoon energy lulls when you want to feel reinspired. I like to listen to these albums when I’m making dinner – you’ll be lighting your vanilla candle and pouring that glass of Merlot in no time. Promise.

Bob Dylan – I’ve only recently started to listen to this music icon. A Saturday not too long ago when I was at home with the kids I became desperate. The boys were beyond cranky, as was I, and I knew we needed something to help us change the trajectory of the day. With a quick prayer and a click on a Greatest Hit’s album, I began to see the light. If you’re like me and are unfamiliar with his music, start with Forever Young and Blowin’ in the Wind. You might just find yourself hooked.

And a few more songs, just for good measure:

Let it Be Me – Ray LaMontagne

Your Love is Strong – Jon Foreman

In the Blood – John Mayer






I’d love to hear what your summer go-to’s are right now! Feel free to share in the comments below.

xo Andrea



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