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Things I am learning

Here are a few things I am starting to pick up on, as we do through seasons of transition and change. I write them down because that’s my way of owning what I’ve learned. Perhaps you’ve been there, and will nod your head. Or you’re where I am, just getting there too. Feel free to share your nuggets in the comments below.

  • Always eat breakfast, or bring one with you. Plan this ahead of time (think smoothies, overnight oats, breakfast cookies, boiled eggs).
  • Resist the power of the latte. You don’t need it, even though you might feel like you deserve it. Good ol’ coffee is just fine…most of the time.
  • And about coffee — one a day is enough.
  • If something is not working, don’t force it. So after you’ve written those 4 lines and it’s like pulling teeth to get anything else on the page, step away. Go play with the kids. Go for a walk. Bake something. Your work will be better when you come back to it a little lighter, a little more free.
  • You are the ruler of your cleaning routine, not the other way around. You’ll find the time, don’t stress about it.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a clean countertop.
  • Wherever you go, bring a water bottle. Make sure it’s full.
  • And wherever you’re going, you’ll get there. So stop rushing. Drive the speed limit.
  • Life isn’t as serious as you make it out to be. Laugh whenever you get the chance. Gather the people around you that make it easy to do so.
  • Your mother was right when she told you to wash and reuse the Ziploc baggies.
  • It’s okay that you’ve slept through the workout. Just try again later, or tomorrow.
  • There is no article of clothing with the ability to solve all of your wardrobe problems.
  • You will miss out on nothing when you ignore Facebook for a moment. Leave the phone alone, as often as you can.
  • Not everything makes sense right away. You might not realize the significance of any little thing until further down the road. So go slow, pay attention, take notes, snap photos. Listen. Remember.


xo Andrea


3 thoughts on “Things I am learning

  1. Wow. So much wisdom here. I’ve got to say I have eating breakfast, one morning coffee and a full water bottle pretty much mastered. However remembering that “wherever I’m going, I’ll get there” is a challenge for me often. Thankful for this reminder 😉

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