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A grown up’s lullaby


Photo by Deedee Morris

We all get to that point after we’ve been doing life for some time, and giving it everything we’ve got, when we start to feel heavy, burdened, lost. Wondering how we will get the energy to take one step further on this journey we’ve been making for ourselves. Wondering where the laughter went, the lightness, the inspiration that started us off in the first place. How did we get here, in this place of overwhelm? We forget what we were looking for. Everything we were chasing after seems far away now, unimportant, less desirable than it did before. Continuing seems impossible, unbearable, and we question whether we are enough. How long will it continue like this? With feet dragging, smile fading, hope slipping from our finger tips.

And then.

Rescue comes. To point us towards the light, to help us see the bright future ahead of us, not the darkness that is behind us.

Sometimes we just need to lift our eyes unto the hills and whisper, from whence cometh my help?

Every night we sing our babies to sleep, rock them until their own eyes grow heavy and begin to close, we lavish them with cuddles and kiss the pain away from their scraped knees, we read them stories upon stories, moving mountains just to keep them safe, happy, warm.

And then.

We see that what we’ve been giving and giving and giving away, is just the thing we need to receive. And that’s when we look up, and see the arms outstretched. We hear a lullaby of love singing over us as we lay down to sleep. A song to give us courage to take the next step, strength to lift us up and carry us forward to a place of peace and rest. A promise that we begin to know in the deepest part of our bones that we are Beloved.

And it’s not because of what we’ve done or what we’ve managed not to do, and it’s not because of all the marvellous things that we’ve achieved, marked in fancy black lettering on expensive paper. It’s got nothing to do with the lives we’ve created and everything to do with the Life that has created us.

And I found myself a few months back writing down some words. From a loving Father to His beloved daughter. Because I needed a reminder of where I have come from. Of the glorious dust I was made with, the beautiful heart I was born of. And tonight I find myself coming back to these words because that’s the message I want — I need — to hear.

Because, like you, I can get so caught up in the act of doing — the learning and the accomplishing, the impressing and the obeying — that I can quickly forget about the being.

Today I want to just be. To remember who I am, and sit in that truth. Sometimes this means that we need to step away from our books, our Bibles, our to-do lists, however useful and great these things can be, and remind ourselves that





All of my doing can take a break now and then, thoughts can be put on pause, and nothing will change about this truth. However much I learn, or don’t learn, no matter how much or how little I achieve, no matter how high on the ladder I climb, I will always be. His Beloved.

That’s enough for me to carry on.

xo Andrea



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