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An ode to summer’s end and the power in small things


Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash

Our summer was full of small, ordinary things. There were soccer nights, playground slides, long days at nana’s beach. More PB&J’s than I can count. Sand between the toes, and everything else. Late night grocery runs for milk and yet another cucumber (really, already?!). It wasn’t one busy adventure, and it didn’t have to be. Like this quotes says that I came across recently, “We were together. I forget the rest.”

The summer was slow and warm. Like a mug of tea sipped and savoured until suddenly you look down to discover it’s gone. The sweet taste of it lingers on your tongue. You’re a little bit different now. Cozy and warm. Calmer and lighter.  

I’ve prayed for Heaven to be more real to me, and I’ve caught glimpses of it day by day. Like when I skipped the make-up on my face and the shampoo in my hair and dove under the salty water, and every inch of me felt the coolness of the sea. And every inch of me felt wholly there and wholly alive. I rose up, shivering, to hear my toddler squealing from the beach in his neon yellow swim shirt, a constant beam of light. Go mommy go! Go mommy go!

And I am learning that small things can pull their weight. You know that question that always gets asked, that question I hate yet it escapes my lips, too, out of habit. Out of a lack of truer, better words. 

So, what’s new?

New is nowhere to be found right now. But what about the same, the small, the daily. Can greatness live there too? The evening walk, the moment you choose to be still and pray. The journal full of scribbled pages. The Bible verse I memorize, and forget, and memorize again. The face-to-face chat with a friend. 

This same ol’ same ol’, when it comes down to it, is all I have. Yet what I have is becoming something altogether beautiful. Little daily things are helping to lead me to the life I want, the person I want to be. Like the exercises you squeeze in here and there. You think the planks are doing nothing and one morning you catch a glimpse in the mirror and notice. Your toned, stronger.

I once thought my hands were empty but here, now, I hold them open and they are full. Light and love and life pour over. There is God. Surely He was here all along, it is I who has just begun to notice.

Yes, I’m beginning to see. Small steps taken in faith can lead you somewhere good. Somewhere that feels more like you, more like home. I want to find the grace that hovers all around, the divine energy at work in my life and yours. I want to fall in rhythm with her, I want to join her song. One small note leads to the next and then, look! You’ve got a symphony. 

This is big happening through the small. Like the tide ebbing and flowing slow and steady. The tiny seed that eventually becomes a tall towering oak. A dark sky retreating to a rising sun, light growing inch by inch. These are not big, flashy, lightening bolt transformations. These are the tiny whispers of change. 

Big things have their place. A trip overseas. A promotion. A new career beginning. Big can be good, and has her season. 

But do not forget small. She does the hard work of sowing and growing. The beautiful fruit she bears is a heart softening, opening. With more room for me and more room for you.

Faith, hope, and love. These are great Heavenly things but they are found in tiny, moment by moment choices. We wake, we pray, we breathe, we learn. We fall and we forget. We remember, we doubt, we believe. And we do it again tomorrow, and the day after that.

This is the rhythm of our lives. How do we let our lives beat strong with Grace?

We let God enter each moment, big and small, and Be With Us. We let Him enter our hearts and Revitalize Us.

It’ll happen slow, but one day we’ll look back and see we are closer to who we were created to be. And it will be true. And it will be good. And it will be beautiful. 


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