I moved!

Hello there! I’m popping by here to let you know that I am blogging again, but I’ve moved to a different site. You can check it out at before you go. It was time for a change! I’m really hoping you’ll swing by and give me a follow — I would love to hear from… Continue reading I moved!

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On making and mothering

Ahh motherhood. It’s the easiest thing for me when I’m trying to do nothing else. It becomes the hardest thing when I am trying to do absolutely anything else. (Any woman who, before becoming a mother, could make a pie in her sleep and then attempts this with her baby around knows the struggle I’m… Continue reading On making and mothering

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In need of a plumber

I get so frustrated sometimes. That I’m not smarter, more knowledgeable, funnier, even. That I’m not more eloquent. That I’m not a better writer. That when I want the right words I never have them. That when I want to do the right thing, I never seem to know what that is. The world would… Continue reading In need of a plumber

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Making heaven real

“Two boys?” The lady in line behind me asks. I smile and nod as I simultaneously grit my teeth at the price of yet another load of groceries. “You’re lucky,” she says. I know, deep down, she’s right. But in that moment I want to tell her that although they look adorable sitting side by side… Continue reading Making heaven real


Just make something

“Mommy, I want to paint,” says my three year old. I pour the red and the yellow paint into jars, velcro on his painting smock, and hand him the brushes. “What is it?” I ask, after he’s filled most of the page. He stands back to examine his picture. “It’s a great, big…giant!” he exclaims.… Continue reading Just make something


How I stay okay

Do you ever feel trapped as a mom? You just want space. You crave space. And a little more freedom. But your baby needs you around the clock. You’re always stuck at home because your toddler still needs his daily afternoon nap. Your baby a morning one. You miss your friends. You miss having time to… Continue reading How I stay okay


A must-do before you approach the to-do

Yesterday I sat at the library gazing through a rectangular piece of pink glass as my preschooler exclaimed “Don’t take your goggles off! You have to keep them on all day!”, and I tried to keep a watchful eye of my 15 month old crawling danger lushly close to the fire extinguisher hanging on the wall.… Continue reading A must-do before you approach the to-do