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When “healthy” becomes an addiction

Let me give you a picture of me 10 years ago. I am what most would describe as a health nut. I drink skim milk with my (sugar-free) shredded wheat. I eat couscous and chickpeas for lunch. On the weekends I bake big batches of granola. I dress my salads with only lemon and olive… Continue reading When “healthy” becomes an addiction


The Secret of a Kiss

My kiss, to you new little one, is but the wetness of a raindrop the popping of a bath bubble a crumb from brother’s lunch the tickle of a dust bunny the tug of your winter hat a hair falling from Daddy’s beard a cool gust of wind the fabric on a pillowcase. But to… Continue reading The Secret of a Kiss


When Life Hits You Real Hard

I sat there on my turquoise sitz bath, staring down at a Maxi pad the size of a toddler’s pull-up. Staring down at a bulging tummy¬†of purple stretch marks that looked like a tribal sun tattoo around my belly button. Listening to a newborn cry across the hall. Trying to find a moment of quiet… Continue reading When Life Hits You Real Hard