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When “healthy” becomes an addiction

Let me give you a picture of me 10 years ago. I am what most would describe as a health nut. I drink skim milk with my (sugar-free) shredded wheat. I eat couscous and chickpeas for lunch. On the weekends I bake big batches of granola. I dress my salads with only lemon and olive… Continue reading When “healthy” becomes an addiction

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Things I am learning

Here are a few things I am starting to pick up on, as we do through seasons of transition and change. I write them down because that’s my way of owning what I’ve learned. Perhaps you’ve been there, and will nod your head. Or you’re where I am, just getting there too. Feel free to… Continue reading Things I am learning

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Morning yoga and new seasons

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash “Right now, at the beginning, you’re just getting used to the movements. It takes time to start moving with your breath, to feel strong in each pose. Rather than muscling through it, why not invite softness instead.” These are words my yoga instructor says to the room full of… Continue reading Morning yoga and new seasons

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A massage, a big flashing arrow

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash The room is dark and smells of lavender and peppermint. My massage therapist places a warm towel across the back of my neck, my muscles relax under the heat and my eyes become drowsy. I’ve been on this table many times before. And each time my masseuse would spend… Continue reading A massage, a big flashing arrow

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In the Name of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies 🙂 When I was a little girl I loved Valentine’s Day. I would plan my outfit carefully, with as much pink mixed in as I could find. I’d spend hours filling out valentine after valentine to give away. My friends and I would take loads of pictures of ourselves at school, giddy… Continue reading In the Name of Love

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Marie Forleo’s secret to motivation – it’s the simplest one I’ve heard!

Is there an activity in your life you could find enjoyment in yet you’ve passed it off as a waste of time so you rush through it? I feel this way about a lot of things. Cooking, cleaning, running, flossing. You know what has changed my mindset? Reading this quote by Marie Forleo: The secret to staying… Continue reading Marie Forleo’s secret to motivation – it’s the simplest one I’ve heard!


Linger Here With Me A While, Won’t You?

I have been extremely spoiled lately. I have had the past two weeks off of work for Christmas vacation. My amazing parents offered to babysit (for free) so that my husband and I could celebrate New Years Eve with friends…and sleep in the following day. The same grandparents fed us New Years Day brunch. I was freed… Continue reading Linger Here With Me A While, Won’t You?