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Lessons from Yoga 01: To Be Still

We ground down into our palms, raise our knees off of our mats and lift our hips toward the ceiling. Legs straightening. The first time, actually almost every time, I come into a downward facing dog I feel stiff. My body longs for softness so I bend my knees a little, paddle out my feet… Continue reading Lessons from Yoga 01: To Be Still


How I stay okay

Do you ever feel trapped as a mom? You just want space. You crave space. And a little more freedom. But your baby needs you around the clock. You’re always stuck at home because your toddler still needs his daily afternoon nap. Your baby a morning one. You miss your friends. You miss having time to… Continue reading How I stay okay


Slowing down is a battle worth fighting

“Please slow down. We love our children.” These words are bold white, planted on yards around my neighbourhood, reminding drivers to watch their speed. These words are more than this for me. “Please slow down”. They are the words constantly tugging at me. All the time. Everything in my life tells me to slow down. And when… Continue reading Slowing down is a battle worth fighting


Oh, how I need more of this in my life

As much as I despise journalling some days, it is often on those days when I am challenged most by what surfaces in my writing. A question I posed to myself one afternoon recently was “What would happen if I let these rules go, the rules I have set for myself for one reason or another?… Continue reading Oh, how I need more of this in my life


This is what meditation looks like in my everyday.  

Life can be a little too fast-paced sometimes. The mounting to-do lists, the feeling that there is just not enough time in the day to accomplish everything, the rushing from one commitment to another.   I really don’t like feeling rushed. My son notices it immediately when I am on “fast mode” and the impatience, distraction, and… Continue reading This is what meditation looks like in my everyday.  


One Breath Is All It Takes

“Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that thankfulness is indeed a virtue.”  – William Bennett My husband and I share the duty of cleaning up our son after mealtime. I certainly enjoy the times he does this instead of me. The task involves a whole lot more than just putting an empty bowl into a dishwasher. Picture… Continue reading One Breath Is All It Takes


Each Day I Choose To…

Lately I’ve been catching myself doing things that I shouldn’t be doing. Like scrolling through Twitter. Or reading a news article. Or cleaning the kitchen. Or watching TV. Or lesson planning. These things aren’t wrong to do. Cleaning needs to be done every so often. Reading online can be very enlightening. However, as I continue… Continue reading Each Day I Choose To…