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Pumpkin soup and laundry heaps

“Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest.” (Proverbs 14:4) Years ago when my husband and I were just newlyweds, a family we had recently met invited us over for dinner. I walk into the kitchen to see pumpkin soup simmering on the stove – the shell… Continue reading Pumpkin soup and laundry heaps

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Just a pile of clothes

My husband has a nice little habit of dropping his clothes on the floor rather than putting them away. Through conversation amongst other married friends, I have discovered how popular this habit is. It used to be a major pet peeve of mine, being the neater person of the two of us. I would watch the pile grow… Continue reading Just a pile of clothes

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Faith in Art

I cringe at things I wrote 2 years ago, things I wrote 2 days ago! I hear from other writers that this is normal. How easy it is to place our work beside something more beautiful and laugh at and ridicule it. And then want to give up, because of that wide, intimidating gap between what we… Continue reading Faith in Art

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10 ways I strengthened my mental-health

I am a perfect storm of a personality. My family has a history of mental illness so I am at a lovely predisposition to a problem in this area as well. I am an introvert, so openly speaking about personal problems is already an enormous effort. I am a perfectionist, control freak, and an idealist.… Continue reading 10 ways I strengthened my mental-health


How I stay okay

Do you ever feel trapped as a mom? You just want space. You crave space. And a little more freedom. But your baby needs you around the clock. You’re always stuck at home because your toddler still needs his daily afternoon nap. Your baby a morning one. You miss your friends. You miss having time to… Continue reading How I stay okay


The other type of to-do list that could change your life

Ahh. The to-do list. So satisfying. So mood-boosting. So efficient. But what about the NOT-to-do list? I came across the idea of making a “Things I don’t do” list a few months ago and I thought it was brilliant. Aren’t the happiest most effective most productive people the ones who are so tuned into their… Continue reading The other type of to-do list that could change your life


What true hospitality feels like

I have this friend who just moved into a stunning home with her family. The house itself is still undergoing lots of construction, leaving her in a daily work zone. Thick layers of saw dust cover her kitchen table and quartz countertops, unpacked boxes live in every room, workers enter her house around the clock.… Continue reading What true hospitality feels like