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All you need is 20 minutes

Photo by Kosal Ley   All you need is 20 minutes. My husband has just come home from an insanely busy work day, meetings piled upon meetings. “Do you like being that busy?” I ask. I’m in awe, really. I always am of his job as a real estate broker. I shudder at the demands… Continue reading All you need is 20 minutes

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10 ways I strengthened my mental-health

I am a perfect storm of a personality. My family has a history of mental illness so I am at a lovely predisposition to a problem in this area as well. I am an introvert, so openly speaking about personal problems is already an enormous effort. I am a perfectionist, control freak, and an idealist.… Continue reading 10 ways I strengthened my mental-health

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A Holy Yes to Writing

I head downstairs to play piano. My fingers trickle over the keys for a while. The room is dark, the kids are asleep upstairs, husband is out with a friend. The house is mine. What would happen if I played a B chord here instead of a G? What would it sound like if I played a D… Continue reading A Holy Yes to Writing


Oh, how I need more of this in my life

As much as I despise journalling some days, it is often on those days when I am challenged most by what surfaces in my writing. A question I posed to myself one afternoon recently was “What would happen if I let these rules go, the rules I have set for myself for one reason or another?… Continue reading Oh, how I need more of this in my life


I Have A Sixth Sense…And So Do You!

Has anyone ever told you to just “listen to your body?” Maybe you were discussing with someone how many times you should be running a week, or maybe you were wondering if you’ve said yes to too many commitments, or maybe you were talking with someone about eating styles and food restrictions. In all of these… Continue reading I Have A Sixth Sense…And So Do You!