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Just us, right now

One morning Dallas walks over to me on the couch, where I’m sitting with a Papermate Inkjoy pen and blue Hilroy notebook. I’m halfway through the three pages of my “stream of consciousness” writing. He takes a minute to look at the page filled with words, gibberish to his 4 year old eyes. “How do… Continue reading Just us, right now

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Morning yoga and new seasons

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash “Right now, at the beginning, you’re just getting used to the movements. It takes time to start moving with your breath, to feel strong in each pose. Rather than muscling through it, why not invite softness instead.” These are words my yoga instructor says to the room full of… Continue reading Morning yoga and new seasons

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A massage, a big flashing arrow

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash The room is dark and smells of lavender and peppermint. My massage therapist places a warm towel across the back of my neck, my muscles relax under the heat and my eyes become drowsy. I’ve been on this table many times before. And each time my masseuse would spend… Continue reading A massage, a big flashing arrow

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A childhood flashback, a reminder for life

The top of her hair was dyed purple. So was the purse slung across her back, the earrings dangling from her ears, and the shimmery nail polish on her fingers. And from beneath her black yoga pants peaked out a pair of purple sneakers. As she chased around an energetic 2 year old, returning stolen… Continue reading A childhood flashback, a reminder for life

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A letter for Phoebe

Dear Phoebe Gilman, I am sorry I didn’t realize your passing when it happened 15 years ago. These words are late but no less true. Thank-you for pursuing your craft. For not giving up. It couldn’t have been easy during those 15 years while you waited for your book to be published. Thank-you for believing… Continue reading A letter for Phoebe


My quest for inspiration, and the surprising result

I am sitting on my living room floor, notebook on my lap, with my 1 year old playing infront of me. Snot is running down his nose but he is happily chewing on a tube of lip gloss that I’ve given to him – a necessary distraction to keep his chubby little fingers from pulling the pen from my… Continue reading My quest for inspiration, and the surprising result


How loading the dishwasher gives my life purpose. 

The other day something just short of a miracle happened in my life. It was sunny. It was 12 pm. I was out for a walk. And I. Was. Alone. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for myself, though, because I rarely have the opportunity to enjoy the heat of the noon-hour sun by myself. This… Continue reading How loading the dishwasher gives my life purpose.